Show devices which were connected in Device Manager

you need to add a System variable called devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices and set its value to 1

  1. Open Windows System:
    1. Control Panel > System and Security > System, OR
    2. Right-click on Computer > Properties, OR
    3. WinKey + Pause/Break
  2. open Advanced system settings
  3. click on Environment Variables
  4. in System variables click on New…
  5. in Variable name type devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices
  6. in Variable value type 1
  7. click OK on every dialog box
  8. open Device Manager
  9. in View menu, select Show hidden devices

Case sensitive search in SQL


By default SQL query is case-insensitive, so if I query for ‘Finish’ I get both ‘Finish’ and ‘finish’ (and it could also include ‘FINISH’, ‘fiNish’ and so on).

In order to get only the case you wand use:

WHERE <field_name> COLLATE Latin1_General_CS_AS = ‘Finish’)

QTP/UFT Reporter Filter

Reporter.Filter= value
The value contains one of the following built-in variables.
1-rfEnableAll- Report all steps. The default setting
2-rfEnableErrorsAndWarnings- Only report error(failed)and warning steps.
3-rfEnableerrorsOnly- Only report error steps.
4-rfDisableAll- Does not report any steps.
The following code shows how to suppress a single checkpoint’s Pass/Fail status:
‘Store the Old filter value’
‘Disable reporting of all events’
Set op=Browser(“Browser”).Page(“page”)
if chkStatus Then
Msgbox “Passed”
Msgbox “Failed”
End if.


see here too: