MS Script Debugger missing – solved

When installing QTP/UFT you select to install Microsoft Script Debugger.

Now MS removed it from their site.

see here for solution (download and install it manually)

the file name is scd10en.exe/zip so you can search for it yourself.



QTP/UFT Reporter Filter

Reporter.Filter= value
The value contains one of the following built-in variables.
1-rfEnableAll- Report all steps. The default setting
2-rfEnableErrorsAndWarnings- Only report error(failed)and warning steps.
3-rfEnableerrorsOnly- Only report error steps.
4-rfDisableAll- Does not report any steps.
The following code shows how to suppress a single checkpoint’s Pass/Fail status:
‘Store the Old filter value’
‘Disable reporting of all events’
Set op=Browser(“Browser”).Page(“page”)
if chkStatus Then
Msgbox “Passed”
Msgbox “Failed”
End if.


see here too: